brian craig

  • SEO & Web Development
  • South Africa
  • Dec 13, 2017
Contractor Customer Acquisition Design Developer - Frontend Marketing Professional Services

Personal Summary

My name is Brian Craig and Im the owner of

I am highly experienced in the Digital Marketer philosophy and marketing methods - been a member for almost 7 years. I have completed almost all their courses including Funnel Blueprint 2.0, The Machine and Im also certified for:

DM Content Marketing Specialist

DM Customer Acquisition Specialist

DM Customer Value Optimisation

DM Ecommerce Marketing Specialist

I have 7 years experience in SEO (on site and off site) generating over $32,000,000 in front end sales from organic traffic alone. My clients have enjoyed over 800% ROI and typically 400% growth.

I have also been developing high quality SEO and Conversion optimised sites for 10 years. I use all my DM marketing knowledge, SEO knowledge and development skills to deliver bespoke websites and marketing funnels that actually generate sales.

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