Keith Gill

  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • Nov 02, 2017
Full time Copywriting Marketing

Personal Summary

With a focus in B2B Tech / IT Sales and Marketing, I help CEOs, CMOs, CIOs, Marketing VP's, Marketing Directors and Demand Generation Managers of small to large to Enterprise fortune 500 companies find solutions to their chronic pain points and daily challenges to bring about total business transformation. I use an objective and "In the customer's best interest" consultative approach to exceed customer expectations.. Through the use of relevant and meaningful technology and solid foundational and fundamental digital demand generation tactics and marketing automation processes I help organizations do the following:

✔ Save Time
✔ Increase Efficiency
✔ Increase Automation
✔ Increase Staff Productivity
✔ Increase Ability to Make a Profit
✔ Increase Conversions and Marketing spend ROI
✔ Decrease Technology Caused Headaches and Frustrations
✔ Ultimately Preserve Capital and Streamline Overall Cost to the Company

When you work with me as your trusted adviser, I am able to produce an in depth and meaningful action plan specific and customized to your company's needs.

Expert Level Skill Set in the Following:

-Content Marketing
-Social Media Marketing
-Video Marketing
-Media Buying/Traffic Acquisition
-Testing & Optimization
-Email Marketing

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