Chris Suarez

  • eCommerce Strategist
  • Miami, FL, United States
  • Apr 06, 2017
Full time Consultant Developer - Backend Developer - Frontend Marketing Strategy-Planning

Personal Summary

Is your company looking for something more than a website? is WordPress not a fit for your eCommerce store?

My role as an eCommerce strategist is to propose how all this wide gamut of marketing & technology can best achieve your business objectives.

– Base functionality, user personas & goals and objectives.

User Experience – interface & design, usability, ethnographics & content strategy, conversion optimization and journey mapping.

Platform – Infrastructure & hosting, selection & implementation and solution architecture.

Marketing – Selection of the marketing mix, brand alignment, message and campaign execution, merchandising strategy & platform and most importantly, campaign review.

Analytics – Selection & implementation of the analytics platforms, customer & business intelligence.

Multichannel – Loyalty, promotion, in-store, stock, service & delivery integration.
A strategist, brought in at the start of the project, would look at the user personas, business and customer objectives, multichannel capabilities, current technical infrastructure and brand positioning to define a solution.

Drop-Shipping – Experienced in creating full online businesses ready for marketing.

Sell on MarketPlaces – Sell on Amazon, Ebay, Etsy, Rakuten, Jet

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Work Experience

Mar 2015 -

I Love eCommerce as much as helping other achieve their goals.

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