James Bullis

  • Implementation Specialist
  • Jenks, OK
  • Oct 11, 2017
Contractor Consultant Customer Acquisition Developer - Frontend Marketing

Personal Summary

Are you lost? Confused about where to start? Have you been investing a lot of your money trying to figure out how to get your online business going?

Do you feel paralyzed by all of the information? If you need help with implementation then I can help.

Need help figuring out your customer journey? What the heck is a lead magnet? Don't want to become a professional web designer? Just email me now. Trust me.

Work Experience

Apr 2016 - Ventin, LLC

Through Ventin, I am on a mission to help marketing agencies create attractive websites for their clients that capture leads and educates prospects so they can sell their products or services.

We don't build brochure websites that serve as a simple "marketing" piece that collects dust. We build an online presence with your marketing plan in mind.

I'm looking to be introduced to owners of digital marketing firms who want to outsource the technical work of developing and maintaining their client's websites. We are a dedicated full-time web development service that specifically serves digital agencies and marketing professionals.

WordPress Solutions Expert
Aug 2000 - Tulsa Web Pro

A borrowed book from the library started me on a journey to find my place in this world - building amazing websites. I wrote my first website using only pen and paper. After getting access to a computer and realizing I had built my first website, I was hooked.

It's been almost 20 years and in that time I have built over 1000 websites mostly on WordPress. I started out on a team that took months to build a website. I helped them do it in weeks and now on WordPress we can do it in days.

I've helped people build everything from simple landing pages to full-scale social networks. I still love what I do because I find people who can dream up something new and exciting to share with the world. If you have something that can impact people, no matter where you are at, then I want to help make you the best.


Liberal Arts
Aug 2006 - May 2007 Tulsa Community College

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