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  • Mar 15, 2017
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Personal Summary

There is a certain finesse that needs to be applied when building a sales funnel so that the customer is nurtured, not given a sales pitch. This is what I do best! 

Let's face it, you love what you do! You have an amazing product or service and you want your customers to enjoy it... and you want your customers to know it too. 

Working with online businesses and businesses that are offline and ready to go online is my specialty. I especially enjoy working with health coaches, life coaches, and other business owners who are making a real impact in individuals lives.

There are different levels of services that my team and I provide for creating, developing, or repairing a businesses machine:

- Sales Pages/Funnels
- Branding
- Websites
- Business Automation
- Consulting
- Speaking (Virtual or Live)I can talk sales funnels all day long! They are my passion!

I can talk sales funnels all day long! They are my passion!

What about CREATING YOUR SALES MACHINE? Here are the general steps:

The first step in the process is to get to know the businesses through a comprehensive business analysis and 1:1 consultation to review every aspect.

The proposal includes all steps that need to be taken to achieve the goal of turning the business into a sales machine. It will also include a timeline for completion and the costs associated with creating your dream sales machine.

There may be steps that the business will need to take, but mostly my team will do most of the work and get the project done in a timely manner.

Once the work is done, the machine will be turned over to the business with instructions on how to manage every. The instructions will include written, video, and 1:1 training.

In case there are things the business wants my team to manage, this is also available.

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★ My training topics are all focused around Digital Marketing Strategies that will help any entrepreneur build a strong business machine.

★ My Keynote Speaking Topics are around: "Finding Your Muchness! Be who you really are and be happy!"

If you are ready to:

Have a life with the freedom and flexibility that you have always wanted.

Stop having to choose between work and family and just choose family!

Be the boss! Be where you want to be! Do what YOU want to do!

Stop waiting for something to happen! MAKE something happen!!


Work Experience

Owner, Consultant, Speaker
May 2011 - Mar 2017 Sheila J Davis
Internet marketing business consultant for entrepreneurs looking to surpass their revenue goals. My passion for sales funnels, branding, web design, marketing, automation, speaking & training, and customer support strategies has helped my clients build their dream businesses (without sacrificing time with their families) and attain massive growth in just months
I have a heart-centered approach which has helped many entrepreneurs become everyday superheroes to their clients. But, I'm not stopping there! My goal for 2017 is to help 1,000+ entrepreneurs build their dream businesses.

My clients have been seen on:
♦ Dr. Oz
♦ and more than 50 Local and Other National TV Stations
They have been nominated for:
♦ Woman of the Year
♦ YWCA Woman of Distinction Award
♦ Emerging Start-Up Awards
They are:
♦ Authors
♦ Professional speakers
♦ Members of the National Speakers Association
♦ Certified coaches in many areas
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