Marketing Intern

  • 14 West
  • Baltimore, MD, United States
  • Jan 22, 2018
Intern Marketing

Job Description

14 West is seeking a Marketing Intern to join our client, Agora Financial, and become a member of The Agora’s Summer 2018 Internship Program. 

At The Agora Companies, we believe in empowering people to live the lives they truly want for themselves- and that includes our employees and our interns.  Often times that requires people to look at the world around them a little differently, to challenge popular belief, and to take risks. 

Needless to say, our companies like to do things a little differently.  Our internships are no exception.

Whether you’re asked to collaborate, compete, research, revise, test, write or develop- you’ll be working side by side with the creators of the alternative press.  You won’t be asked to file, you’ll be asked for your opinion.  You will be challenged.  You will love the work you do to the point of madness.

But most importantly, you’ll never find a better internship.


  • Test ad images and headlines on multiple advertising platforms.
  • Data reporting on Seven-Figure campaigns.
  • Social media management of multiple product pages.
  • Build and maintain working relationships with publishers, media partners, marketers and agora staff.
  • Willingness to learn quickly in a fast-paced environment.

The primary role of the Marketing Intern will be planning, buying, tracking and optimizing campaigns through the marketing interface and our many ad accounts.

Duties include researching opportunities, working with the media buyers to negotiate and buy inventory, coordinating internally with web team and product managers, and analyzing advertising placements. We also are seeking interns interested in Social media content management and writing.


  • Passion and study in the field of marketing.
  • Currently enrolled in college.
  • Demonstrated ability to think analytically, solve problems, make decisions and use sound judgment. 

  • Excellent communication skills. 

  • Ability to understand and discuss new technical concepts. 

  • Comfortable analyzing and making decisions based on campaign performance data.

Intern Benefits

  • Free intern housing and parking.
  • Agora Employee Wellness Program.
  • Agora Employee Philanthropy Program.
  • Training and mentorship opportunities.
  • Social activities.

How to Apply

To be considered for this internship opportunity, submit a resume with a cover letter explaining why we should interview you by February 15, 2018 to the link below.  Applications received after this date will be reviewed subject to hiring needs.   

About Agora Financial

Agora Financial provides independent economic commentary through print and online publications, print and e-books, films and international conferences.  For over 25 years, Agora Financial has been a leading innovator in the financial publishing industry. Not only have our economic forecasts been uncannily accurate, but we’ve consistently beaten the mainstream financial media to the punch.

Agora Financial readers were aware of the housing bubble, the credit bubble, the excesses underlying the Panic of ’08, the pending collapse of Lehman Bros. and the bankruptcy of American Airlines well before they happened — and in many cases, were able to prosper while other investors got blindsided.

Executive publisher Addison Wiggin, a New York Times best-selling author and the driving force behind the critically acclaimed documentary film I.O.U.S.A, and our editorial team continue to challenge traditional publishing outlets by offering irreverent, insightful commentary where others fear to tread.  Agora Financial editors’ consistent ability to stay ahead of the mainstream has earned recognition from dozens of media sources, including The Wall Street JournalThe EconomistFinancial Times and others.

Learn more about Agora Financial at  And if you think you may belong at Agora Financial and could benefit from a deeper look inside of their office, be sure to check out their Workplace Highlight on WestWord. Read it here.

About The Agora

The Agora, or "Agora" as it is commonly called, is often mistaken for a relatively small “publishing company” out of Baltimore, Maryland. In fact, what began as a half-dozen like-minded writers in a small city row home is now a collection of over 20 of the world’s most powerful privately owned media companies.  The name “Agora” was initially given by Bill Bonner to those half dozen writers in 1978. The word is a Greek term for “marketplace.” To Bill, he and his colleagues had conceived of the world’s first marketplace for ideas. Not just any ideas - ideas that you weren't likely to get elsewhere. The world did not need any more “information.” Today the name "Agora" is synonymous with icons of the alternative press, and masters of direct marketing.