ClickFunnels Expert Setup (The tech side only)

  • Desert Farms, Inc.
  • Remote
  • Dec 01, 2017
Part time Customer Acquisition Developer - Backend Developer - Frontend Marketing

Job Description

We are looking for the tech guy behind our funnels that specializes in architecting

Expereinced in web development and email markteting

***You Must know how to slice and export layers from a PSD file in Photoshop
***You Must know how to use API calls and integrations
***Must know how to use a shopify buy button the Clickfunnels page and integrate with Recharge
***Must know how to use and set up Carthook

What we DON’T want you to do:
We don’t want you design landing 
We don’t want you to write copy

What we want you to do
Take our psd file and build the page on ClickFunnels to look as close as possible
Every text on the landing page should be editable (no pictures)
Setup all of our auto responders and deliverability
Making sure all tracking and analytics are set up such as heat maps etc. 
Making sure all integrations are in place
Testing and optimizing the page for improving as well as split testing

CRO User Research 
♣ Click & Scroll Heatmaps Tracking + Analysis (via Hotjar)
♣ Session Recording + Analysis (via Hotjar)
♣ Remote User Testing + Analysis (via
♣ Targeted Polls on High Exit Pages + Analysis (via Hotjar)
♣ Customer Survey + Analysis (via Hotjar or Typeform)

Technical Audit
♣ Mobile Responsiveness
♣ Cross-Device/Cross-Browser Accessibility and Page load speed

Maintenance of, fixing issues for, adding elements or functionality to, or writing scripts for the Sites. 

Requirements, You must have 
-Passion for measurement / reporting / analytics – you like to measure the results of each action - Hands-on experience with conversion optimization and A/B testing - You're great at Google Analytics and other analytics suites
- Design & UX experience
- Experience in usability - HTML/CSS, Javascript
-Must dedicate at least 25 hours a week or more
-Expected to setup a new funnel every week (design & copy will always be provided) If you are good enough we might allow you to take on the design or copy