Director of Digital and Premium Content

  • RunnersConnect
  • Jul 17, 2017
Part time Customer Service Marketing

Job Description

Are you a motivated and enthusiastic runner who eats, sleeps and breathes running and loves to talk about training?


Do you love creating videos and content that truly helps runners of all ability levels? Are you interested in or have experience with managing a membership community for runners?


If so, then the RunnersConnect Director of Masters position is perfect job for you.


What does being a RunnersConnect Director of Masters entail?


As a RunnersConnect Director of Masters , you'll be in charge of producing content for our premium membership as well as providing customer support for our digital products.


This is a content production, technical and customer service position combined into one role.  Ideal candidates will have experience filming and editing video content, strong html and technical skills, and have excellent customer service and written ability.


As part of the customer service roll, you'll be in charge of growing the Masters membership, which involves reducing churn, communicating with members about what type of content they want, and growing the membership via our marketing channels.


What's a day in the life of a Director of Masters ?


  1. Creating digital content for our PRO membership
    1. Creating a premium video once every week. Typical videos include  training plan teardowns, demonstration videos of exercises, or videos on injury prevention
    2. Performing and scheduling live coach chats once or twice per week
    3. Developing new content for 30-day challenges once every 2-3 months
  2. Working on membership growth
    1. Analyzing website usage, video views and other analytics to refine content production that members value most.
    2. Ensure members stay engaged with product by using software to analyze what parts of the site they are not utilizing and scheduling messages to encourage participation.
    3. Analyzing churn to find our weak spots and implementing strategies to reduce membership drop off.
  3. Posting, organizing and scheduling content
    1. Strategically scheduling content to maximize member lifetime value
    2. Working with our VA to ensure content posted to the site on time
    3. Scheduling weekly recap email to existing members
  4. Provide customer service for existing and potential customers. Example issues would be...
    1. Helping users reset their passwords or troubleshooting account issues
    2. Answering pre-purchase questions about our products
    3. Responding to emails about training questions
  5. Supporting community
    1. Running live 30-day challenges every 2-3 months and responding to private forum or facebook group messages
    2. Answering comments on blog
  6. Establishing relations ships to provide perks to PRO members


Skills and qualifications


  1. Experience filming and editing video
    1. Candidates should be familiar with good lighting, sound and script writing for creating high quality videos
    2. Video editing experience is required


  1. Technically proficient
    1. Must have experience with Wordpress. You don't need to know php, but you should have experience with FTP and modifying theme files.
    2. Strong html skills. You don't need to be a design expert, but you should be able to modify html and css to design pages


  1. Strong writing skills
  2. Well organized and propensity to take charge and get things done without direction


Working conditions


  1. Part-time position - 20 to 25 hours per week. Potential to be full-time in 8-10 months if membership base grows.
  2. Salary of $20,000/year
  3. Flexible hours – work your own hours at your discretion.
  4. Candidates should be comfortable working from home, creating own hours and not being in an office environment.


Application Process


If you’re interested in applying, please email your response to the questions below along with a résumé to


  1. Using your favorite browser development tool, change the color of the player on this interview to #4abe29 and take a screenshot:
  2. Explain in a few sentences what a media query is and why you would use it?
  3. What video editing software do you prefer?
  4. Link to or attach a sample video you filmed and edited.
  5. Example strategic question: We have a large percentage of our users who are quitting the service at the 3 month mark. Describe the process by which you would better understand why users are quitting and some quick actions you would take to try and improve this metric.


If selected based on these answers, the second round interview will be a phone or Skype conversation with Jeff Gaudette to access cultural fit.