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Oct 05, 2017
Part time
Hello!   We're looking for someone who's thrilled to be the sales funnel and automation expert who streamlines and expands our capabilities while building systems to support the success of our company and our clients.   Here's are the 3 core operations you'd be leading: 1. Building sales funnels, landing pages and order forms using designs created by our designer and maintaining customer engagement processes for us and our clients. Leveraging email marketing & CRM platforms, both for the effective execution of sales funnels and for ongoing nurturing of audiences.  2. Deploying and synching together all technologies required to support our marketing projects, including but not limited to product purchasing platforms, CRM integrations, tracking softwares, split testing softwares, and anything else that can increase our conversion success, such as feedback forms, SMS capability, live chat, etc. 3. Deploying and developing our quality assurance testing process - working out any bugs or kinks in the systems before we take them live in the marketplace. 1 Experience in these softwares or something like them will greatly assist you:  - Ontraport  - Infusionsoft  - Zapier  - Clickfunnels  - Google analytics  - Aweber  - Hotjar  - Stripe - Mailchimp - Paypal   Overall your role is to be our systems administrator...     So after we create the vision & strategy for a client...You can help bring the technical components together to bring it all to life and maintain a positive result moving forward from there.   Connecting platforms together, ensuring the proper deployment of our marketing technologies, and supporting our team with consistent, savvy technical know-how is what you’re being brought in to do... Logic sequences like “If this, then that” or “For every instance of A, when B is true, output C” etc. should be familiar to you (for more advanced email systems automation).   System flow and organization should be something you already understand. 1   Here's the type of person who will be successful in this position:   - This is for someone who has a desire to make this world a better place and to make an impact with your time here... - For someone who loves a challenge or puzzle and is a lifelong learner.  - You take pride in leading by example and go the extra mile to let your work speak for itself. You have an exceptional attention to detail and a willingness to take action without every detail already figured out. - You love leveraging systems and technology to create predictable, positive, sustainable results. - You feel like you're "capable of anything you put your mind to" - meaning you're resourceful. A self starter, able to teach yourself most anything, or use Google or YouTube to solve a problem.  - You take care of business in a fun, energized, and thorough way...  - You place a high value on honesty, integrity and authenticity.   - You’re someone that keeps their word and commitments.  Integrity is very important to you.  -   - You want to surround yourself with like minded people, who can help you grow in skills, experience, and overall lifestyle abundance.   It’s for you if you relate to these words or phrases as a description of yourself: Passionate, Organized, Reliable, Innovative, Effective, Process Oriented, with a Positive Attitude...     And most importantly…   You’re consciously committed to your personal growth and being your best self in your career and life.     So you can join a team of A-players who are all growing together...   As we collectively serve our clients, to support them in changing the world with their gifts, talents, and messages.   Sound cool?   If selected, you’ll start a 30-day paid trial @ 10 hours per week with an evaluation at the end of 30 days to decide if we are a fit to continue and on what terms.    This is a virtual position and all locations will be considered, though English as a first language is preferred.   Your Next Steps: To apply, follow these two steps:   1. Shoot a short video introducing yourself and letting us know why you think you’d be a great fit for the position.    Tell me about your existing experience,  a time you overcame adversity and what you learned from it, and anything else you feel will help me to see who you are as a person.   Enroll me in you - but keep it short, this is only an introduction.   2. Send your submission to info@ommarketinggroup.net with subject line - "Sales Funnel and Automation Expert".   If you’d like to see more about our company go here:   http://www.ommarketinggroup.net   Thanks!   Noah Hammond Tyrrell CEO & Founder Om Marketing Group