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Flow Motion Inc
Aug 21, 2017
REQUEST: We’re seeking a programmer proficient in web services access / SOAP. OBJECTIVE: We’re looking for a way to access an app on an SQL database (via web services access / SOAP). Currently, we have a WordPress front and then we jump to a subdomain where there is an ASPX signup form on the backend. We want to do away with this and keep everything on one domain within WordPress (no iframes). In order words, the backend forms need to get baked into WordPress.
Your Solopreneur Team
Aug 21, 2017
I am looking for a Facebook ads extraordinaire. I have the training to do myself (and have been for 2 years) but I just don't have the time anymore to manage this piece with my current client load. Obviously I would expect the individual I hire to have their Paid Traffic Mastery Certification (which is why I'm posting in this group - I know you folks are in here!). If you already have 1+ years experience running Facebook ad campaigns, you're in the pulse of all the Fbook ad trends (I assume as a lab member you are), and you're looking to take on a new client.... then this might be the opportunity for you. Open to folks in USA, Mexico, or Canada only. Thank you for your interest. Martin Traz P.S. It's a bonus (but not a requirement) if oyu also have experience with any of the following: Google Analytics, Google AdWords, YouTube ad re-targeting, Twitter ads, LinkedIn ads. 
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