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Thyroid Pharmacist/Rootcology Remote/Virtual
Oct 16, 2017
Our fast-growing team is on a mission to help the millions of people suffering from thyroid disease! We’re looking for an excellent Health and Wellness Editor to join our team. This is a paid opportunity for work on a contractual basis. If you can identify with those struggling with thyroid disease, pride yourself on being effective and productive (rather than busy), and have the skills we're looking for, we'd love for you to join us! What's This Position All About?   The Health and Wellness Editor will help our team create high-quality, in-depth content that will reach hundreds of thousands of people in the Thyroid Pharmacist community. Our online articles are research-driven and typically run between 1500 and 5000 words. Working with our Chief Content Officer (CCO) and content creators, you’ll produce original content, repurpose previously published content, and set our already-high bar for content quality continuously higher. If content is awkward? Structured poorly? Hard to follow or understand? Doesn’t sound like us? You’ll fix it. Responsibilities What Will You Directly Do? Create and publish original content as assigned for, our email newsletter, and other properties Create and publish content for product launches and other revenue-generating activities Edit content pieces such as eBooks, newsletter, PowerPoint Slides, web copy, articles and white papers created by other content team members Develop editorial calendar and ensure our content team adheres to it Serve as a point-of-contact and advocate for the content team; collaborate with other teams to ensure that our content supports their objectives, and vice versa Select appropriate images to embed within content to better tell the story behind it Draft social media headlines and copy to accompany content at publication Collaborate with the CCO to distribute other content assignments among content creators; monitor their workloads and throughput Discuss assignments with content creators, get answers to any questions they have Load content into our content management software and email marketing platform Edit and proofread content prior to publication Coach content creators so that they create better content over time Identify and recommend potential changes to our content types, standards, styles, and processes Ensure that our content complies with copyright law and other relevant laws Accountabilities What will you ensure gets done? Publication of consistently high-quality, high-performing content that adheres to our style, voice, and other brand standards Timely completion of all steps required to produce and publish content, such that content calendar runs smoothly and content is ready for publication well in advance of intended publication dates Resolution of any feedback from the CCO about specific content pieces or our content in general Minimization of the CCO’s direct involvement in the content review/editing process Identification and inclusion of appropriate links/resources in content, including but not limited to linking to our other past content, insertion of appropriate and accurate affiliate links Outcomes What will your work lead to? Increases in website traffic, email list growth, product sales, and other KPIs Higher volume of content; ability to create more content with existing resources More availability/time of CCO for higher-level functions Increased coherence and consistency in our content and messaging Reduced stress surrounding content calendar and scheduling KPIs How will we measure success? Website traffic Email list growth Product sales Throughput of content - time and resources required to go from idea to publication Quality of content produced, as assessed by the CCO CCO time involvement in review/editing process Competencies What traits do you possess? Passion for health and for helping others Expert-level writing and editing skills Fanatical attention to syntax, grammar, style, and other details Understanding of voice, tone, and how to use them to best get a message across Strong oral communication skills Excellent teaching and coaching ability Strong sense of accountability; problem-solver Integrity Empathy; ability to view issues from the perspective of others Resiliency; clear-mindedness under pressure Adaptability, flexibility, and humility Thirst for self-improvement and continuous learning/development Background What have you done before? Experience publishing digital content online and via email using platforms such as Rainmaker, WordPress, ConvertKit, etc Extensive prior editing experience Experience writing and reviewing research-driven content preferred Fluent user of online collaboration and communication tools Knowledge of, and background in, Hashimoto’s and thyroid disease preferred Familiarity with SEO, content marketing, and social media preferred About Us and the Work Environment We love to help those that are struggling with Hashimoto's and hypothyroidism We put our health first but also work hard to help others We have a high functioning team and work together to achieve amazing results We are in pursuit of self motivated team members We're looking for people who don't cut corners Ideal candidates are positive, loyal, and upbeat Dr. Wentz is looking to create a culture that's supportive and uplifting How to Apply   If you read the description above and thought, "YES! That's me!" -- great! We'd love to talk to you. Click here to apply. (Please do not apply for this position if you do not have the desired skill set. We love that you want to help our mission, but if you're not qualified, we won't waste your time by contacting you about this role.) Thanks! We can't wait to work with you.
BellaDonna Boutique
Oct 15, 2017
I just switched my WooCommerce site to SiteGround hosting. They found 3 malicious files on my site which appear to be in my theme files.    I need help cleaning/removing these files.  If experienced with WordPress fixes, I also need help fixing my Footer and configuring my shipping settings with the Table Rate plugin if you know how to do these things.
Advance Your Reach Virtual
Oct 12, 2017
Looking for marketing tech support person to help with building of funnels for both internal as well as external clients.  Please go to the website for details and instructions on how to apply.
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