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ripper recruiter training anywhere
Jan 18, 2017
Who is the best person you know who can write and place adverts in LinkedIn? I am looking to hire a freelancer to help me manage multiple projects. Most of the folks I see in PPH and other freelancer sites are FB focused. I need a LinkedIn specialist. Who do YOU know? Help!
Jan 14, 2017
Full time
Do you believe that an Executive Assistant role is more than just sitting at a desk and answering phone calls and scheduling appointments? We do, and that’s why we’re looking for a a truly exceptional individual that will be responsible for supporting our CEO at a very high level, managing everything from day-to-day details to key strategic relationships. If you believe that too, then you just might be right for our team! LinkedSelling is a fast-growing business consulting firm that has grown by roughly 300% every single year we have been in business, and was named #252 on the Inc. 5000 list of fastest growing private U.S. company. We’re looking to hire an A player, a superstar, a true go-getter that does not need to be micromanaged. This individual will have a strong aptitude in organization and project management as well as have those intangibles that make you stick out from pack.   What kind of person we are looking for: - Somebody who can handle their business at a high level. Not the kind of person who wants to just be told what to do all the time. Gotta be self-motivated, a go-getter! - We are not looking for a "personal" assistant. This isn't a position for somebody who wants to run errands. This is a position for a very serious experienced and qualified business person. - You can't just be a "behind the scenes" kind of person. You need to be the kind of person who builds relationships. As an extension of our CEO, you will be expected to develop relationships with many of our key strategic partners. It’s not a sales role. Let’s be clear about that. It’s about relationship management. The people you deal with will come to really love working with you and interacting with you....if you have the right skill set. - You have to be very detail oriented. You don't forget to do things because you are ridiculously organized. - You are comfortable holding other people accountable, including members of our team as well as outside contractors. - You are also creative, and want to be in an environment where you have a lot of creative input into the work our CEO is doing and the projects that you work on together. Many of them will be related to building and maintaining strategic partnerships and relationships. We need to be able to say to you..."We need a plan to get our CEO on the phone with Person Y" and you can turn around and create a plan to make that happen. - You are so freaking good, that you almost make our CEO’s day-to-day work in the company superfluous. Which allows him to spend his time working on his most important work, staying out of the day-to-day administrative quagmire. - You can attend meetings on the behalf of our CEO. You're able to make certain decisions without input, simply because the two of you are in sync. And other decisions, you're able to effectively capture for discussion, and then go back to the other party with decisions, further questions, etc. - You are very friendly and outgoing. Maintaining high energy in communications with our team members and third parties is essential. - You have worked in an Executive Support capacity in the past, and also have relevant experience in the online marketing space. - You have a proven track record of maintaining relationships with key stakeholders and strategic partners, as well as developing new ones. - Did I say SUPER organized? Spreadsheets are your friend! This is a full-time position so the time investment will be 40 hours per week and you’ll be working within the hours of 8am to 5pm, Monday through Friday.   Compensation & Benefits: - Negotiable, depending on experience. - Vacation, holiday, and personal time. - Health Insurance and Benefits available To be a good fit for this job, you will need strong organizational and project management skills, a high attention to detail, and the ability to take direction and work independently without having to be micro-managed. Excellent written and verbal communication skills is also required as well as 100% English fluency, and a demeanor that makes people want to work with you! This position is virtual, meaning you do not need to report into the office and can work from wherever you want... so long as you have a quiet space, a reliable phone and internet service. (U.S. Residents Only) Technical literacy is important but not necessarily mandatory. If you’re smart and dedicated, you can learn all the programs we use while you’re here. That said, you must be able to handle yourself on a computer and be comfortable learning and using new technologies. Working at LinkedSelling is demanding, but also fun and very rewarding. It’s definitely hard work, but if you put in the effort and do a good job, there will be lots to learn, and a lot of room for you to grow with us. If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, please copy and paste the link below to fill out a quick questionnaire. It also would be a great idea to check out our website to get an idea what we do:
Catapult Crew
Jan 11, 2017
We are looking for an incredible state-of-the-art funnel designer to join our team of incredible marketing professionals. If you're uber-gifted we want to talk with you. Our team consists of 28 of the finest digital marketing talent in the country.
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